September 17, 2012

Meet the Frida Staff: Thomas Kreitlow

We just had to get this moment on camera.
To begin with, we are going to attempt to write this blog post without doing a fact check with Thomas (we want it to be a surprise!), so we cannot ensure the complete accuracy of all statements.  With that being said...

Thomas Kreitlow is a man of many talents.  Chef.  Economist.  Triathlete.  And above all: Cleaner of Counter Tops.

Thomas is the Chief Operating Officer for the Fierro Group (Rico Brand/Rico Catering/Frida Bistro) - which means his sole purpose is making sure things operate efficiently for THREE major companies, no matter what it takes.  No big deal.  The above photo is a perfect example of Tom's work ethic.  If we need an extra chef, he jumps into the kitchen.  If the air ducts need cleaning, he climbs a ladder.  And if the counter is dirty...he goes searching for a bottle of Windex.  Aside from that Tom spends his days crunching numbers and creating budgets, interviewing and hiring for all departments, helping to create new products for Rico and Frida, and well, overseeing all operations, big and small.  He knows the answer to just about any question an employee could have about our company.  He's a COO who is not afraid to get his hands dirty...literally.

Without checking with Thomas we couldn't give you the specifics, but we know that he's lived all over the country, cooked/served/bartended/managed at a multitude of restaurants, is an avid runner and cyclist, adores his loyal, yet sometimes neurotic dog, Bounty, received his Masters in Economics in 2011 from the University of Utah, and loves his job with the Fierro Group.  6 day work weeks are the norm, and 7 day weeks aren't unheard of for Thomas.

While Jorge Fierro, the owner and CEO of the Fierro Group, is undoubtedly the heart of the operation, Thomas is the lungs, or liver, or kidney, or some other vital organ we simply could not go on without - he's that important to this company and we're lucky to have him.


  1. Way to go, Thomas! You rock - eat more grapefuits; I hear they're good for liver function :)

  2. All sounds right on the money to me! We really couldn't do it without you Thomas!