August 9, 2012

Meet the Frida Staff: Steve Terry

Steve posing in "the window."
Steve Terry joined the Frida Bistro culinary team nearly 4 months ago after cutting his teeth at Lamb's Grill in downtown SLC for the past 9 years.  We were happy to have Steve come on board due to his sharp attention to detail and ability to remain calm and cool under pressure. 

If you're eating at Frida, there's a good chance your food went though Steve's station: he prepares soups and salads, most of the appetizers, and many of the side dishes for the entrees.  His position in the kitchen is at "the window" - the area where servers pick up food that is ready to be served to our guests - meaning he is the last chef to see the plates before they're served.  He ensures they are plated beautifully and are immaculately flawless, as the presentation of our food is just as important as the unique and delicate flavors.  If that wasn't stressful enough, Steve is also the liaison between the Front of House and Back of House staff, meaning at any given time there are no less than 13 people shouting instructions his way! 

Steve grew up in Virginia, just outside of Washington DC (his favorite football team is the Redskins), but has lived in Utah for most of his life.  He began his cooking career at a young age by flipping burgers at a fast food joint (he declined to tell me which one, however!), but quickly realized his talents were being wasted in that environment.  On his days off he can't stay out of the kitchen - he enjoys cooking for his wife and 8-month-old son at their home in Murray, UT. 

One of the main draws of working at Frida is that every day we are essentially coming to an art gallery, which Steve cherishes.  He loves the design of the retaurant and how it goes hand in hand with the artistic preparation and presentation of the food.  And he takes pride in knowing he plays an integral role in the guest's experience at our restaurant. 

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